Meet the top 9 Sydney Australia style bloggers!


Hey bloggers, and welcome to Sydney Australia…this is some entrance…look just at that view.

Grab a coffee,put your feet up and let me introduce you to the best fashion bloggers Sydney has to offer…

 If you are in Sydney or anywhere in fact here are 9 Sydney bloggers whose voices stretch from the outback and beyond.All of them have unique and outstanding takes on style, not to mention followings equal to a countries population.

Here are my top three, the top nine brought to you by Sydneys tourism website.

Out in Sydney

They All Hate Us –

Dynamic duo Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are the fabulous fashionistas behind They All Hate Us blog. Their effortless, cool style paired with the fact they always look like they’re having so much fun, makes them the fashion friends we all want.

Instagram: @tashsefton and @elle_ferguson

2.Shine by Three –

Impeccable taste and out-of-the-box styling, Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three takes blogging to a new level. With talent to boot, she amazingly multi-tasks across the roles of law student, fashion blogger, stylist and photographer. Ms Zhang does all this and still manages to deliver exceptional content that’ll have you captivated and left wondering whether or not she may actually be super woman.

Instagram: @margaret__zhang

3.Harper and Harley –

It’s back to basics with Harper & Harley founder, Sara Donaldson offering style solutions for the minimalist fashion lovers. Sara proves you don’t have to wear this season’s pattern or print to be on trend

Happy blogging


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