Contouring and sculpting with nudesticks.

I enjoy spending time doing make up. It’s satisfying and creative. But it’s not always practical to achieve a perfect contour with my schedule.

Ideally,one pencil would magically make up my whole face. In an attempt to find this, I recently purchased Nude Sticks to sculpt and highlight, mainly to lift the inner corner of the eye and under eye to raise my cheek bones.

Here are the tutorials I went to before I began – glad I did,there is a lot to be said for good prep work and blending.

1. My go to face girl Lissy Roddy’s post here

2.Kim Kardashian new line made 14 million on day one.Same concept as nude sticks here

3. Youtuber Chloe Morello uses a very yellow highlight but check out the blending. Amazing transformation with what starts off looking like road markings on a botched victim and ends up flawless masterpiece.

I’ll attach more pictures soon,but as you can see the result is very natural.


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