Red makeup to wake up

I’ve tried to become a red lipstick person, numerous times. So far I have tried Stilla, Mac’s ruby and russian red. While I’m not a convert, on the odd occasion that I do frequent the ‘Rita Ora’ lip, I notice a change in my mindset.

Whether it’s drawing more attention, or my raised awareness of being watched that makes me feel alert, who’s to know?

However, it is even more likely that the kick I’m feeling is due to the extra time I had to spend that morning crafting my outfit around the lip. If I was to wear mustard yellow, for example, a red lip would suggest ‘McDonalds sign’

So, the question I have is…Does wearing a bold red help you wake up? Psychologically does it make one feel more put together?
After a 3am flight and a full day on my feet, I want to say no (as seen in the slightly cranky but mostly jet lagged photo).

However, 3 years mandatory fire engine lips crewing for Emirates taught me something different.

Here is an article I read on Psychology Today about the power of red.

Let’s set a challenge this week…a red lip challenge for 7 days and share the results..more on that next post.

Oh xx



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