The War On Blackheads

Charcoal…who would have thought!

Charcoal blackhead strips and facemasks have been one of the many beauty fads on insta in 2017-which is funny because it’s been used in beauty regimes for century’s.

Much same gratifying sensation as removing pva or popping bubble rap, watching an up close, slow motion pore strip removal is hypnotically satisfying. See for yourself!

Watch “UPCLOSE PORE STRIP REMOVAL #20 Biore Charcoal Pore Strip with nose no 2 #peelporn” on YouTube

Activated  charcoal acts as a magnet attracting grime and oil.Imagine a facemask of this stuff!!!!

Here’s me getting carried away oil worms…way worse than it appears on camera

Poor Jase was next in the firing line.


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