Better than sex mascara!?

 What could be better? 1944% more lashes? Woah…well that’s not only insulting from an intellectual standpoint, it’s just dumb.

Too Faced Claims are now just out right rediculous. I tried it. It’s not that great!

Needless to say, they still remain the best as great packaging,check out those realistic 3D water droplets!!

I recommend chubby mascara by Clinique for volume. Take a hike too face!



  1. People are in love with this mascara. But when I tried it, I did not like it. It made my lashes pretty, but it transferred to my face like crazy. Each time that I used it, it made a mess on me. It happens to me with most mascaras, but this one was the worst. And it was the waterproof one so I don’t even understand!

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  2. I agree! I don’t see why people love it so much. I would much rather prefer Urban Decay’s Perversion…. A lot of people I talk to don’t like to brush on the Better Than Sex- I think that’s a large part of the issue.

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