Beauty hacks for air travel.

After three years crewing with Emirates,you learn a thing or two from fellow colleagues and well traveled passengers…here are beauty hacks from 30,000ft from me to you!

1. Rule of thumb,drink 1 glass of water for every 30 mins in flight. Preferable bring aboard your own detox lemon/cucumber water

2.  Wear under eye hydration pads and even better yet, a face mask while sleeping. Many face masks are clear and hydrate for hours…Obviously no make up 🙂

3. Bring socks and slippers to allow for feet swelling and use hydrating cuticle oils on ankles,cuticles and hands

4. Spritz face and neck with Evian to hydrate face and lips in dry air. However you need serum moisuriser too, because when the water droplets evaporate your skin can feel even dryer.

5.Lather lips in balm/chapstick/Vaseline.

6.Sleep as much as possible. That means bringing a neck pillow.

7. Use face oils after you wipe away face mask.

8. Bring a facial scrub for when you arrive at your destination,scrub and moisturise before applying make up.

9. Bring a spare teeshirt in your bag to change into upon arrival. That airplane smell really lingers on your clothes.

10. Role on or parfume balm for a fresh scent.

11. Use moisurising eye drops,dry itchy eyes are not fun.

12.Move around when you can. This helps reduce bloat and puffyness which naturally occurs in flight.





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