Boss:Ladies who choose own engagement ring!;)

Is this quite normal!? Choosing your own engagement ring?! Finally found the ring I want and told my boyfriend where and  how much…Engagement around the corner perhaps?

Question:would you choose your own ring too?

I’ve always had strong ideals, and generally know exactly what I like or don’t.Nothing changed when I came to engagement ring shopping.

How can a girl like me(and you similar planners/detailed girlfriends) leave it to someone else to make this important purchase!

I couldn’t bare the risk let alone disappointment of not getting what I really really wanted.

Anyone feel this?!



  1. I chose my own engagement ring too! James and I both went inside a jeweller shop that I had spotted and I tried them on… and told him which ones were my two favourite. You are so right! Its something you will wear for the rest of your life so you might as well make sure it’s perfect!!! (Ps: How exciting!!!)

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