How to stay motivated at work!

Over one hundred reports down…UGHHHHH!

Today’s post goes out to those who just need to get shit done.

This wee summary comes from an inspirational reading from on how to stay motivated at work.

1.Read daily

For pleasure at least an hour a day and do this for one month. This is a habit that is going to have a lasting impact on your thought processes and ultimately inspire all areas of life.  

2. Do urgent things first!
Prioritize and consider it part of your career path..make hard look easy. If you re frame drudgery energy is easier to come by.

3.Set a quit time. 

You feel more productive when you set and stick to your own limits. Refreshment is up to you!

4. Celebrate wins.

 Sometimes the long term payoff is too long term if you know what I mean. Treat yourself with small things. When there is no reward in sigh it is hard to stay motivated.

And as Nike said..just do it 🙂



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