Suprise! I’m a math teacher.

I teach college level mathematics. However what it should really be called is ‘positive self belief coach.’

The first reaction I often  get after revealing my career option, is suprise followed by fear. People retreat stating they ‘don’t do maths’, or  quickly confess ‘I’m terrible at maths’ as if to ward off a quick fire math question i was about to give.This happens time and time again.

I teach maths because I know anyone can do it…if they believe they can. That is seriously half the battle!!

The moment my students taste success and see it’s not that hard when it is broken into steps is what sustains me in moments of immense frustration when I see students give up before they have begun!!!

Maths is beautiful, symmetrical,perfection. complex,logical, and empowering.



  1. I know how you feel, my job is something which (people believe at least) you have to be very good at maths to do. As soon as I say my profession I always get an ‘I could never do that, I’m no good at maths’ or, even more charmingly ‘wow, isn’t that boring though?’ Haha.
    How long have you been teaching ?

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    1. This is my second year and I love it! So glad you can relate. What do you do?
      I just got back from coaching my adventure racing team. Part of their task involves orienteering and calculating angles, combined with rock climbing,kyaking and paddle boarding.

      Maths is as good as you make it I feel.


      1. Wow that sounds awesome. I’m an accountant lol. So not as much math as people believe there should be!
        That sounds so interesting, especially teaching at college level I’m sure most of the people you teach actually want to be there!

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      2. Oh college in New Zealand is year 9-y13. So nope, not all want to be there

        Shout out to all the accountants! Now that is one job I definitely​ wouldn’t be able to do. Can’t sit still for that long.


      3. Ah! I was thinking college in the uk which is 16+! Aw, and I was thinking the workings up on the board was tough adult algebra and thaaaat must be why I couldn’t decipher ;-).
        Haha, yes there is a lot of sitting still involved! And paper cuts lol


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