Replica Ready – ioffer review.

Cheap and cheerful sites like Ali express and Asian fashion wholesale are springing up like hawker stalls in Hong Kong…and the prices are so low, it’s worth the risk.

However, there are a few signs to watch out for because unlike eBay, ioffer has less protection for consumers and therefore has become a hotspot for scammers.

A quick Google will tell you that a huge majority of people reject ioffer as a safe place to purchase items. Tales of fake Tracking numbers, no replies after purchasing goods, and no refunds,  leave consumer ranting all over the internet.

However, there are great vendors on this site and a few ruin it for the majority. Don’t buy unless you follow these steps below and shop safe bloggers!

  1. First things first, scroll down to the bottom of the page and change location settings to your own currency. Sometimes products have been sent to the wrong address because sellers have used location settings to locate a buyer.
  2. Check it is a legitimate website through settings ie 0 blocked ioffer allowed
  3.  No feedback, means ripoff! If you buy off a vendor with no feedback kiss your money goodbye. Here is how to sort by feedback.Click a category ie shoes. Sort the shoes (by default it will be sorted by the best match) and change this to sort by ‘seller rating’ and ensure you are investigating products with up to 5000 feedback  of more.
  4. Check the sellers reviews for the product. Read the rating and comments

In summery…

Ioffer is a online marketplace with a thing for replica goods…both A class and no class so read the product reviews!!You can make offers and message vendors to negotiate terms and conditions of sale, this is a good way to check the responsiveness of a seller before purchasing. Many are manufacturers so can tailor goods to your taste but be very clear, English is not their first language A good vendor is quick to respond,has been around for a while,and as a result has accrued good quality feedback and high ratings for reliability,communication,good quality and promptness of delivery. Be sure to purchase from these guys.

Request a tracking number and let them know you will send a great review if the product up to scratch. Also don’t spend too much, do a test run first and if they prove reliable go back and use the same vendor if possible.

Finally, consider the shipping time. It takes an average of 15 days from purchase to arrival…this is truly a slow boat from China so if it promised 3-5 day delivery, message them or reconsider you seller.

If you havn’t quite got all that here’s a recap video 


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