Revenge will eat you, or will you eat it? NEW REVENGE CAKE

DISCLAIMER:Revenge, is only sweet for a moment, we all know it will eat you up inside…right guys? Someone even said while seeking revenge dig two graves…one for yourself!

However there is no denying how funny these cakes are!

T O M B O Y cakery in Wellington will design and write a message on a cake for that ‘special someone’ in your life you wish to seek revenge on.

Messages such as “I’m leaving you and I’m taking your dog”  and ‘it’s not yours’ feature on their site.  They even recommend the cake usage to “break up with your partner, quit your job, tell someone what you really think of them …The options are endless and we will provide you with a delicious cake with anything you like written on it.”

Next level twisted…and hilarious if the person gets your sick humour.

tomboy black
revenge is sweet

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