My baby just gave me these!! Cutie!That time of the month and blog inspo hit me.

There are so many ways we can boost mood when our brains are depleted of happy hormones and our bodies are stressed during our periods.

I hate to say it buuuut it can actually be something to look forward to if you get to justify some treats (ok slight exaggeration but you get my drift).

When you’re not yourself…treat yourself. Or better still, tell your loved one that when you’re feeling low the following items are a godsend.Hey you have not cause you ask not..right?

1. Flowers :). Makes you happy waking up and seeing them,ahhhhh. My favourites are peonies in light pink, daffodils in spring, or white roses. But these are gorgeous…thanks baby!

2. A delicious scented candle and chocolate/strawberries to munch on.
3. Hot water bottle on the ‘region’ while doing face mask with manicure

4. Online shopping for something goooorgeous and look forward to it arriving 😀

5. BATH and magazines/puzzles.

6. Book a massage  treatment.

7. Make a routine like getting to pop bubble wrap, eating citrus fruit in the shower so all the juice mists in the air…yum!

8. Make a fortress and watch movies in it in PJs all weekend.

9. Drinks loads of water with 🍋…sparkling even.

10. Eat dark chocolate for more magnesium and avoid salty fatty foods which make cravings and symptoms waaay worse.

11. Wallow.Just a bit. Buy a cute pair of sweatpants…I mean cute though.Like Victoria secret cute, not discount store 😉

12. Do some light exercise like stretching but nothing painful…even plucking eyebrows is waaay more painful the week leading up to your period.

13. Do some art/crafts…something theriputic.

14. Facial scrub and buy a new moisurizier 🙂

15.Laugh at stupid dorks doing stupid things…or cat videos or whatever makes you happy.Laughing is amazing 🙂

16. Call a friend and treat a friend. It will help you out more than you know.

Hope it helps!
Love love



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