Luxe Lashes – Lilash and Flash Serum.

Lash extentions are pretty fab. Gyming,sleeping,camping, swimming, you look good 24/7 not to mention more awake somehow. 

However, these are expensive to maintain and take their toll on your actual lashes. 

Two absolute guaranteed ways to grow your own lashes include using serums such as Lilash and Flashlash.

I’ve tried both. Lilash is more expensive but quick to work. My lashes got so long I could see them fluttering in the breeze. Flash is considerably more affordable,takes a longer time to work but eventually produces the same result.

Couple of warnings. Firstly, you do need to keep using the product to keep your lashes long.This will be hard if you struggle to keep to a schedule, in which case it is best not to start.

 Secondly, it’s inevitable the product will smeer down the side of your face while sleeping. I actually ended up growing dark hair on the skin around my eyes:b..not a good look as from a distance they just looked like wrinkles (but no biggie as I just plucked)

If all else fails (and they won’t) you can always do falsies. 

Xx  OH


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