Snowberry Skin Care aced gold standard clinical trials? Hmmm

So I’m thinking that tomorrow I might just go buy this product. I’ll test it in myself for 8 weeks and then report back to you all. Sound good?

When Snowberry was first released, there was talk of it acing ‘gold standard’ clinical trials. I’m naturally sensitive to puffery and hype so I was like..whatever.

I also held off because I wasn’t certain of it’s effectiveness, after all, surely a product with said effectiveness should be super out of my price range, but this was stocked at Farmer’s and high end stores.

My Mother and college purchased the serum 4 months ago and have solidly sworn by it and actually Mum’s skin does look really good.

The Auckland-based Snowberry put its Face Serum through independent pharmaceutical level trials in Germany. They had no control over the report which revealed their serum performed at levels 31.6 per cent above Strivectin, a recognised market leader in the anti-ageing skincare category in the United States.

Their website explained head-to-head trials over eight weeks, are a first for a New Zealand product and show the serum actually works. It was developed in a four-year  research programme in conjunction with Auckland University’s School of Pharmacy.


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