Best teeth whitening product I’ve used.

Yup, this will do it!

I always get comments on how white my teeth are and it’s all down to this, and of course basic dental hygiene…nothing can replace that.

Like all caffine enthusiasts should, I started using this product to restore my pearly whites to their former glory.

Two things to mention when using this product to get good results:

1) When making the mould for your teeth ensure it is super melted to get a really tight mould, this helps the product stick to every surface

2) Apply product liberally to coat the enamel.  Leave mouth guard in for just over 5mins but not more than ten 10.

Oh and by the way, you may go through a period of spotty white teeth where the product has worked on some areas more than others…this will even out with time as it did for me.

Ok, so there you have it. Give it two weeks,be consistent and let me know how you go! Dazzle me.


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