Mac update:Caution, orange light ahead

I imagine the kinda girl who would wear orange lipstick as a forward thinking, blunt fringe geometric hair cut, fashionista with designer outfit- head to toe. 

This may be true, and I like it. But before I replicate it, I’m slightly worried about a possible clown apprearance?

Today Mac assured me that no complexion is off limits, and it can look great but do advise some key pointers.

1.Advise steering clear of pink- and red-toned blushes and eyeshadow. These shades clash with orange…A sure fire way to channel your inner clown.

2. Use bronze and warm peachy bronzer for a warm sunkissed feel including eyelids. Gold based highlighers for inner eye corner accents.

3.Messy application will ruin the sophistication. Lip pencil is absolutely essential so start with primed lips that are soft and exfoliated.

Now, go stop some traffic!


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