Four Steps to the perfect tan!

Tanning fail? I don’t think so. There will be no oompa loompas around here! All you need is time, patience and the following equipment.

Tanning mouse 

Tanning mit 





Old towel

Olive soap/black soap

SOS: By the way if you are reading this post but it’s too late and you resemble a cheezle, don’t panic. Emergency tan removal link here. Then come back and we will start again;)
Step one: It’s all in the prep.

Shave, scrub, and rub-a-dub-dub. This will help your tan last longer and give a smooth and even colour.

An exfoliant mit works best for removing dirt,old skin cells and previous tan. The best are really rough, similar to what they use in Moroccan Baths. A great technique is to soften the skin in a sauna/steam room and apply Olive soap, leave fo 30mins and then scrub your whole body and watch the dead skin fly.

Step two: Moisturize!

Apply moisturiser liberally, especially to dry areas. Allow 30mins to fully soak in. Super important as this prevents you getting dots where the tan has sunk into your pores however wait till skin has fully absorbed all the moisture. Never tan immediately after shaving or if pores are open from heat which will cause dots where the skin is still irritated and the tan has sunk into porea.

Tip. Give your skin a cold blast of water at the end of your scrubbing session.

Step three: Application.

Having tried,gel,spray,and cream I have found foam mouse the least likely to leave streaks. It’s best applied with a velour mit(theres no point tanning without one quite honestly).Loving tan makes a really good one! Apply foam to the mit and work in the product in even pressured circular motions. Repeat 🙂

Key areas include the neck and under the jaw, where you might normally put bronzer.This can create a shadow to define the jawline. Don’t forget clavical,shoulders ,temples for a sunkist glow where the sun would normally hit your body.

Skip over knees,elbows,ankle bones and dry areas very briefly. The tan will soak into dry skin faster.

Step four: Rid of Residue

Some tans require a certain amount of dry time before washing off residual tan that looks patchy.This is product specific but generally allow 6 hours dry time before showering off excess.After washing off residue tan pat dry and you’re done! Don’t forge to wash hands and nails well.Especially toe nails, they can look an unhealthy yellow colour.

Featured products

Loving tan mit: Loving tan is a fantastic product also.

Le tan fast tan -Really natural coloured tanning mouse. However not the best fragrance. Shame.

Bondi sands ultra dark: Excellent colour, very long lasting. However, can be very hard to remove. Absolutely need to remove residual tan well after dry as it will colour clothes and sheets.

SOS: If you are reading this post but it’s too late and you reaemble a cheezle don’t panic. Emergency tan removal link


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