Why I keep drawing doughnuts…

So I quit suger. Naturally I’m in the no doughnut zone right now 😦 It’s only been four days and I can’t stop thinking about that glaze.Mmmm.

My boyfriend has been over 6 months without suger and I have seen him go through withdrawal stages not unlike an addict coming off cocaine. However I have seen first hand the results are entirely worth it..More on that later.

Suger is addictive and it’s in everything.It rewards the brain and boosts mood. We have been trained to need it. To go without you need a plan. A good one.

Craving sucrose is fed by our habits,behavioir patterns and is linked to our bodies chemistry and hormone balance. 

In times of stress or natural hormone fluxuations, it can act as a guaranteed mood stabilizer…that’s why woman crave carbs and chocolate once a month. 

Right before a period estrogen,seritonine levels shift and this causes the pick me up craving…Your brain is wanting to restore balance with a replacement high.

So why would I give suger up considering my body’s clear dependency on the good stuff?


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