Goodbye cruel cookie…

Yesterday I was sharing why I had doughnut brain and consequently had been drawing doughnuts.Today, however must be cookie day.

Having quit suger in the last 5 days I am starting to wonder why and so is my brain, which is sending out the sos.

I have found it helpful to start the morning with a run, and by the time I’m done the cravings are gone and i’ve recenterd.

My major short term goal is to finish the Wellington half marathon strong this year. To do this my body will extract glycogen from carbohydrates to replenish reserves. The best type are low gi so I am told.

I need a steady stream of carbohydrates not sugery sweets or drinks which cause peaks in blood suger and poor endurance overall. Low gi foods are my new jam!

Secondly, when I run I sweat. Sweating releases water, salt and trace amounts of electrolytes. However, since sweat is approximately 99 per cent water, i’m better off rehydrating with pure H2O, rather than ingesting the 36g of sugar in a bottle of poweraid. It usually just leaves me thirstier anyway,with thick saliva…ugh!


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