Kryptonite in the kitchen

It’s Sunday night, and it’s Jason’s turn to choose the end of the week cinematic delight.The movie of choice – 2016’s Superman versus Batman…I google my rebuttle.

“Oh didn’t that film get a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.5 on IMDB? Yeah, I remember Ben Affleck publicly declared embarrassment in response to critics …”. I  beg for my Sunday night’s redemption, but the dark knight rises as my eyelids closes.

I wake up 40 mins later with popcorn all down my shirt and Batman butt naked in the shower? The now 50 year old Affleck muscles have tripled, no; quadrupled in size. I’m wide awake….due to amazement…ahem.

A quick google and I find his ‘training schedule’ and ‘100% authentic eating plan’. I am abruptly scolded for my current eating regime and told my kryptonite is in the kitchen….I need a hero, a few recipes and adjustments I can rely on when the going gets tough. I look at my empty popcorn bowl and grimace. Save me superman! Reading further I see it’s almost counter paleo theme…and nemesis almond milk! This time the bat has gone too far.

The three lessons of the night are:

“1.Cut the dairy. Milk is for babies. Milk makes you hold and retain subcutaneous water. You won’t see any definition if your body is holding too much water. Get used to almond milk, if you need to transition off milk gradually.

2. Run in the morning on empty. It causes you to burn 3 times more fat  The goal is to get leaner, for better abs.

3.Focus your diet on lean protein. Eat lean protein first thing in the morning. Eat it (along with carbohydrates) Examples include egg whites, protein shake, chicken breast. Protein is linked to feelings of fullness.”

Well, I am off to prep my running gear for tomorrow but I will never surrender to you almond milk…never.

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be batman, then be batman.”-A message of inspiration your friends at DC comics.


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